Calibration Services

  • Gas and Liquid Flow Calibrations are performed using positive displacement calibrators (PDC).
  • Air at standard conditions is used and the standard calibration fluid is MIL-C-7024 with a kinematic viscosity of 1.2 centistokes.
  • Calibrations using various oil blends with viscosities from 1 to 100 centistokes can also be provided.
  • A complete printout of the calibration data provides from 10 to 20 points over the dynamic range of the flowmeters.

Typical prices are:

  • $200 for positive displacement gearmeters.
  • $175 for 10 point turbine calibrations through 1" on air and standard fluids.
  • $75 extra for including display calibrations.
  • $120 for 6 to 8 point variable area flowmeter calibrations with 50 point splines.

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